6 Takeaways from Circle’s Converge22


With an estimable blizzard of content in the rear view mirror, here’s a selection of key takeaways from Circle’s Converge22 conference in San Francisco.

Circle is the maker of USDC, among the most widely used stablecoins today, which is nearing a market capitalization of $50 billion according to Coinmarketcap.

Takeaways include:

#1 – dreamforce for crypto

#2 – stablecoin legislation

#3 – the “p” word

#4 – learn by doing

#5 – regulatory advocacy

#6 – expression of the dollar

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Takeaway #1 – dreamforce for crypto

The positioning for the conference as stated by Circle executives was “Dreamforce for internet finance” not “Dreamforce for crypto.” But, last week in San Francisco felt like a conference with a largely crypto audience. Still, this comparison – crypto vs internet finance – reveals the core of Circle’s ambition and the potential it sees with crypto innovation.

For their first-ever “ecosystem conference,” Circle programmed a three-day multi-track agenda featuring topics related to key strategic areas¬† for the company such as stablecoin uses, regulation, privacy/identity, compliance, lending, financial inclusion and more.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire stated that over 2,600 attendees made the trip to San Francisco and added, “We always thought of USDC as a protocol that people can build on.” And now the event will exhibit the different dimensions of what people and companies are doing with that protocol, he said.

Takeaway #2 – stablecoin legislation

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