NIST Digs In on Differential Privacy Definition at US Department of Commerce

In their 14th blog post on all aspects of differential privacy, researchers Joseph Near and David Darais offer another detailed post explaining the future work and current open challenges with the de-identification technology.

Near and Darais are moderators for the Privacy Engineering Collaboration Space with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a part of the US Department of Commerce.

According to the website, the Differential Privacy blog series is “designed to help business process owners and privacy program personnel understand basic concepts about differential privacy and applicable use cases and to help privacy engineers and IT professionals implement the tools.”

Differential PrivacyNear and Darais say that differential privacy is ready for primetime in some cases but conclude their latest post with the hope that they can use this series as a foundation along with the community to create “technical guidelines” for differential privacy in the year ahead.

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